About Us

Under the leadership of Director Anderson F. Shaw, the African American Catholic Center for Evangelization (AACCFE) serves approximately 25,000 African American Catholics in Los Angeles and is committed to evangelization and building a faith community--a community that is truly Black, authentically Catholic, and an integral part of the Universal Church. In collaboration with local parishes, the Los Angeles Black Lay Catholic Ministry, the National Black Catholic Administors, the USCCB Subcommittee on African American Affairs, the National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus, the Black and Indian Mission Office, and the Knights of Peter Claver, they seek to raise everyone's consciousness to the rich contributions made by African American Catholics to the Catholic Church. This is carried out by volunteers who participate in the following:

  1. Parish Representative Council
    A leadership council designed to improve communication between the AACFE and parishes so as to promote evangelization throughout the African American community. Parish Council Reps >>
  2. Adult Choir
    A choir composed of members from over 30 parishes who represents the AACCFE and performs throughout the Los Angeles Area.
  3. Thea Bowman Music Academy
    Designed to provide opportunities for youth 13-19 years of age to participate in a structured music program.
  4. Town Hall Meeting
    Town Hall meetings provide information and a forum for communication for the African American community. They are held ?? a year.
  5. Regional Evangelization Task Force
    A group of African Americans committed to connecting together for evangelization, development of faith, and sharing their gifts and talents with others in their pastoral region.

The following programs  are designed to reach out to Catholics across the five regions of the Archdiocese:

  1. Diamonds: Celebrates the contributions made by senior adults 75 years aond over on the 5th Sunday of the month.
  2. Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast
    Approximately one thousand people attend this event to celebrate the life and work of Dr. King with participation from local schools and speakers from the community.
  3. The Black History Month Liturgy
    The highlight of our Black History Month celebration,  held at  Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral,  brings together African American  Catholics, members of the African Diaspora, and people from a wide variety of cultures  to celebrate the contributions of African American  to the Catholic Church and  to American society.
  4. Keeper of the Flame Award
    Recognizes individuals for his or her work of evangelization within their parish. Recipients are selected by members of the parish and recognized at the Annual Black History Mass.
  5. Golf Tournament
    This annual tournament is a fund development activity with all proceeds benefitting the AACCFE.
  6. St. Odilia Memorial Mass
    Annual celebration of the first Catholic Church in Los Angeles that was built for Black Catholics.

In addition to the programs sponsored by the Center, we participate, support and collaborate with other religious and cultural groups to promote unity and understanding.  The Inter-Cultural Council, Building Bridges Black and Brown, and Building Inclusive Communities are among such programs.  

The AACCFE depends on fund development activities, contributions, and grants to carry out their programs.



Our Mission

In collaboration with local parishes and various organizations, the African American Catholic Center for Evangelization (AACCFE) develops and supports programs of evangelization and education as well as provides opportunities to gather and share resources, talents, and gifts for the African American Catholic community in Los Angeles and the African Diaspora.